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Established in 2001, SL ENERGY is such a professional battery supplier folyou.From the residential solar solutions to telecommunication energy storage solutions, we pride ourselves on supplying the high quality lithium batteries & VRLA batteries according to your needs. Our know-how and expertize, incorporated with our unparalleled customer advice and after sales support, has led to us becoming one of the most trusted brand in the battery industry.


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Very professional from start to finish.  Barry, the owner, took the time to meet us and came our the site to personally inspect it on several occasions. I love the fact that this a personable local company vs an impersonal nationwide chain. Pricing was also fair and actually cheaper than some of the bigger solar places we compared. Highly recommended.


Los Gatos, CA

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  • They are very careful with protecting my home, built in 1929, during the process
Hugh J

Sunnyvale, CA

Last night we had our first incident where we really appreciated having a solar power system with battery back up.

After midnight last night a car lost control on the road in front of our house and plowed  into a  power pole knocking out the power in the area.

Our battery back up went into action and we didn’t loose a minute of electricity.

Hans S

Saratoga, CA

ust like other reviewers, we had done lots of homework before deciding on a Solar Contractor. Cinnamon became the obvious choice for a number of reasons. They were flexible with regard to panel choice.  They shared our high regard for the use of micro-inverters.  Barry Cinnamon’s unparalleled knowledge of solar systems and the industry created a solar system that is both the best, and the best price per watt out of all our proposals.

Barbara J

Cupertino, CA