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Established in 2001, SL ENERGY is such a professional battery supplier folyou.From the residential solar solutions to telecommunication energy storage solutions, we pride ourselves on supplying the high quality lithium batteries & VRLA batteries according to your needs. Our know-how and expertize, incorporated with our unparalleled customer advice and after sales support, has led to us becoming one of the most trusted brand in the battery industry.

The Most Trusted & Complete Battery Solution Partner In The World.

We specialize in solutions. Driven by radical process improvement and our reputation as a 30-year global technology magnate, we’ll further evolve our closed-loop approach for providing testing, repairing and warehousing support for a fully traceable outcome. And as experts in logistics and collection, we work with our 7,000 partners across the country to reach any customer, anywhere.

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We’re obsessed with compliance. That’s why we not only follow all industry standards but help develop new guidelines and discover even greater possibilities in safety.

Powering sustainability. Empowering an electric future to accelerate human progress. We are Cirba Solutions.